Saturday, 25 April 2015

Happy Days # 3

Out And About
So life in the Watt-Morriss household has been running just as normal which means our outings have predominantly been our usual of daily walks, library trips and family visits.

If you read last week's Happy Days post you'll know that I ordered Alexander some backpack reins, well, they arrived and we are quite happy with them. We first took them out on Sunday, using them briefly on our walk to the field. The second time we used them was to go to Rhyme Time on Wednesday. This is typically less than a ten minute walk but of course that was doubled with a little one toddling along too. Although he walked to the library really well, I carried him home on the way back because of course walking for longer periods of time is somewhat new to Alexander and he may well tire easily. I'm really glad we have the reins now, and Alexander is enjoying his newfound freedom greatly.

Fun At Home
The weather is a bit all over the show at the moment, but we did get to enjoy lunch out in the garden one day this week. There's something about eating outside that makes me happy - I don't know if it's just being outdoors, or having your skin kissed by the sun, or the fact that we're eating (haha!) but I really enjoy it. I think we'll be taking to the garden a lot more come summer.

Inside the house, Alexander has been having fun building towers - he uses both his stacking cups as well as building blocks to do this. When using the stacking cups he likes to knock the tower down afterwards, and with the building blocks he likes to see how high he can build the tower before it comes toppling down. It's all about demolition with him!

Time For Me
This week saw the start of my latest FutureLearn course. I shared my thoughts on the website, and why I enjoy the courses as a stay at home mum, just a few weeks ago now. If you're interested that post can be found here.

My Happiest Moment
Alexander learnt a new word this week - 'bye'. We now stand at four distinct, and regularly used, sounding words - 'yes', 'dada/daddy', 'tea' and now 'bye'. Alexander is quite vocal and is really good at communicating what he wants without so many words. I can't wait until he is full blown yabbering. When I say that people often reply with, 'you won't be saying that when it's why this and why that' but I actually cannot wait to have actual conversations with Alexander!

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