Friday, 24 January 2014

Reading Habits

For the most part we, as humans, are very much creatures of comfort - comfort and habit. What time you wake daily, what colour of ink is your preferred (for the record mine is black), what side of the bed you sleep, these are all habits, tendencies we have fallen in to and often don't think about because they are the norm to us. Habits play a large part in our lives, often without us even knowing.
As book lovers, naturally, we have tendencies when it comes to all things bookish. Today, I want us to put some focus on those. I'm going to be sharing some of my reading habits and hope to learn a bit more about my blog readers by learning about their bookish habits too.
Bath time reading
I would say that I do around 70% of my reading in the bath. I love a good soak in the bath, but I've always been one of those people who can't sit and just be in the bath - it probably has something to do with my need to be constantly doing something. I love nothing more than relaxing in a nice hot bath with my nose stuck in a book.
Finishing a chapter
I will not stop reading a book until I have reached a certain point. This is usually the end of a chapter, however, if I'm reading a book that contains exceptionally long chapters then the point will be at a break within said chapter. It irks me quite a lot if I have to stop reading before the end of a point - it niggles me beyond belief!
Avoidance of long books
Unless it's a classic, I don't read long books. This isn't a reflection on any particular novel, but I just find that my attention cannot be held for the entirety of the book. This generally applies to anything with more than 450 pages.
Unread books do not go on my shelves until read
Some people integrate the books they have yet to read in with the rest of their book collection - I am not one of those people. My books that are still waiting to be read have a shelf of their own and will not join their other book friends until I have finished them. I believe this is for memory purposes - I would honestly forget which ones have been read and which haven't.
My books live in my bedroom
My bedroom is their home and that's that. I've never kept my books anywhere other than in my own personal space. Even now, in my own family home, they still live in the bedroom. I don't like others interfering with my book collection; I have very strong feelings on that. My DVD collection resides in the living room; my book collection will never, ever join them. Clearly I'm very protective of my books. The only exception to them staying in bedroom is if I had a reading room of my own - one can dream, right?
If I can't visualise, I can't read
When it comes to reading I'm very much a visual person. If I can't put a picture together of the people, surroundings, and such, then I can't continue with whatever book it may be that I'm reading. Reading is an escapism for me, I think that's why visualisation plays a huge part in my reading experience.
I've shared some of my bookish quirks with you... Now I'd love to know some of your habits so be sure to leave me a comment below!
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  1. I applaud you deciding to read a book before you put with the rest of your books. If I went with that method, I would probably have a lot fewer unread books in my collection right now!

    I don't have a problem stopping in the middle of a chapter. What I can't do is stop on page 99. I have to keep reading until page 100, no matter what!

    1. With a memory like mine, it just isn't possible to combine my read and unread books - I have the memory of a sieve! Also, it would niggle at me that the two were mixed in with one another.
      That's an interesting habit - is it only when it comes to 100's or is a case of needing to be on an even number?
      We all have our little quirks.

  2. I love to read in the bath, too. I can't just sit in there without doing something. The only problem is, there's this constant nagging voice in the back of my mind reminding me that one of these days I'm going to drop my tablet in the tub. Lol. As long as I have a book and my husband can keep the kids quiet (well, and the water stays hot), I sit in the tub for hours!

    And I hate blue pens. Always black. Lol.

    1. I just get so fidgety if I have nothing to do - you'd think that we'd be able to relax a little in a bath eh. Without a book, or sometimes something to watch, I just can't relax in there.
      Oh gosh, imagine if that happened!
      Black ink is just so much more neater, don't you think?

  3. I defininely like to reach a good stopping point and I MUST be able to visualize a book. I think it's part of why I read on the slower side actually, but I wouldn't want to read any other way! I never really thought about my reading habits in this way -- I might have to come up with my own list :)

    1. Visualising a book is very important to me, I want a picture to be painted but with words instead of colour and such like.
      It's interesting to get thinking about the reading habits you posses, I'd love to see your own list!